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DO they hate me?

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Last church day I go with my family. But I'm getting weird looks from everyone there. I'm getting really turned off with my faith because I'm being called a filthy sinning you know... However no one had approched my parents about this. I am afraid someone might and say something like your son is talking to boys in this church in the most innapropriate way. I don't! I just talk. And smile a lot. is it wrong or something? So anyways, last church day I go with some black nail polish and I decided to wear all of my piercings. And dress the way I normally dress. I was in a hurry. As soon as the Usher ( I think thats how you spell it) saw me he wouldn't let me in me parents were inside. And I was stuck for 4 hours outside. I just don't want things to get worse. How do I fix this and does the church hate me?