Does Pet Co execpt un-wanted animals?

Does Pet Co execpt un-wanted animals???

Answer #1

They don’t accept unwanted or stray animals, however they do let the shelters bring animals in on Saturdays (I think)…


Answer #2

no they dont but at my local shelter we donate some animals to them if youve found a stray then contact your local shelter, put up the original flyers that may go something like this: FOUND whatever kind of animal you found and put it`s description and stuff on the flyer too oh and I suggest that if someone does come claiming the animal hold the animal and have them call it by its name and if the animal answers by going to them or something like that then most likely its theirs.

Answer #3

no they don’t but amnimal shelters to bring in and show to help the shelter pets find new homes ,

if its unwanted let someone hold it for you , and let them help you find it a good loving home, cause you don’t want to put a unwanted animal on the street just cause you don’t want it anymore, or cause yo can’t have it anymore, or take it to a NO KILL!!! animal shelter besure its a no kill okay? thank you

Answer #4

I think it had to be from a shelter that bring them to pet co, or the other pets they sell are from state liscened breeder,, if its unwanted a shelter might take it but a fee does aply I take in some unwanted animals until I can find them a new home what do you have? aad how old is it,

I take in young dogs and pups just about any breed, sometimes I take them in for free if they are healthy or I charge from$50-$100 cash so I can buy them food and if they need a vet

Answer #5

No they dont, some do let shelters show them off on saturdays…

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