Do i hv std?

Hi all, I have redness, swelling and itching in my Vagina.:( I had sexual intercourse 3 months back. I don't know whether its is a STD. please suggest. I have this itching since 2 days.

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Naw you dont... you used protection and he hasnt had that many partners sooo itz nt an std

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hey guys... I got ma blood tests...
its not a STD. its just a bacteria ... and I am under medication... so thnks god.
I m really happy.
and I found this site very useful.
it realy gave me support.
thnks to you all.

I think I may have an STD or something, please help.
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Sounds like A Yeast Infection (Thrush), you can buy over the counter medicine to treat it, but you need to do it soon.

Also, do NOT have sex anymore until it clears up. It can make it worse.

Do I have a STD?
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hey guys, thnks for your advises.after your advises, I went to doctor today morning, she gave me few medicines.
and she asked me to go for blood test to find if I have dermitits. I don't know how seriouse it is but she did ask me if I had and exposure to men? I told her that I had it 3 months back. I spoke to ma fiancee abt this. but we are waiting for the blood tests to come. hope things are fine. lil woriied.
she has given me antiboitics and ointment to use. and and cleanser to clean it.
I am really praying the its not seriouse. I don't know if this is a small issue. but I m lot worried. did anyone of you faced this beforE? its a small thing not worry abt?

Could I have gotten an STD?
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Some information: STD: 1-800-772-2437

Here's an overview:

Take care !!

I think I mite have a STD!! =(
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Could be a lot of things, it would best for you to go to see a doctor, who can perform tests to give you a better idea of what it might be.

1 possibility is Thrush. Which you can get creams from chemist etc.

Why am I freaking out about STD's?

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