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Story I wrote for my boyfriend's birthday

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Hello :) My name is Rachelle im 16 years old, just some background information=]
anywho heres my question my boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months and we are definitely in love with one another! His birthday is next months and after lots of intense thinking I have decided to write/ make him a book, my idea is to draw the illustration that will go with my story but also take photos and using photoshop put them together, my drawling and the picture I will be taking:) Although I love to write, I tend to be insecure when it comes to letting others read my stuff. so I'm going to let you lovelys read my story and give me your input, constructive criticism, possitve feedback...and so on =D
This would help me out a lot,and I'd love you for it =] Thank you.

Feed off Tear Drops by Rachelle Henderson
Dedicated to Zachary Sams …Happy Birthday Baby.

Sitting for hours.
See I’m waiting for creative juice, creative juice to ffllooowww. Basically wanting to write the perfect story, in my imagination I see it as the most perfetest gift for this most perfectest boy I know.

Do I write about how great he is how strong mighty and brave. “Z” printed on his skin tight T shirt muscles ripping they’re way through, oh simply a boy wonder…..the zestanator. He saves me and saves me a countless number of times. He swings from vines, courageously he swings from vines and all sexy like heals the broken hearted with the power he contains in his little plump special THUMB…….

Or shall I go a bit cheesy and ill tell a story of a story of there once was a story where a boy and girl met the first week of school ha she was giggly and ha he was smooth and har de har look how far they are……

I know, I know, ill completely make it all up. Lets start from scratch. I’ll write about a fictional creator. We’ll give him blue antlers green eyes, six belly buttons two tongues and the weirdest personality. A laugher no crier how about just a smiler. I’ll give him a uncontrollable bladder and the name of …Eclipse. He’ll live in the unknown part of Candyland this would be the part not shown in the game and he’ll feed of tear drops and…..

Ahh, now this is an idea. Picture with me if you will a story of toys and how they come to life while we’re gone. The staring role will go to Winston…he’ll be like we never expected ill make him a psycho path who’s fallen in love…madly in love with pooh bear. Winston knows deep down they are destine to be together, fate. Yet, the horrid twist, Pooh Bear is in love with another….mhm, the rubber ducky. So Winston starts to stalk Pooh taking pictures and writing notes in his journal, his heart is shattered, his goals and dreams are….He must get pooh to himself he must…..

Mehh. Tick Tick Tick.

Let’s see how about this, I’ll write a sophisticated piece, one where ill be using my mind a lot and doing some under the skin in depth thinking. I’ll base it on a clock on a walk in a painted yellow room. I’ll talk about the passing of time and how some days it seems to go fast other days way to slow. I’ll talk about the changing of time how some of us live for or it, while others fear it. And how its an element in life that we should share. Time in precious and beautiful it’s a gift it passes with ease when your sharing your time with someone you love. I’ll throw in some big neat words and end it all with a mind blowing conclusion.

Or taking the same idea of the clock in a painted yellow room and make it an old vintage television in a painted brown room. The different channels on the television will represent chapters in ones life. This being in old television they’ll be no guide no way of organizing things. It’ll just be a jumbled mess with scary channels or chapters, ones you’ll click past so fast so not to get a glimpse and then there will be ones you’ll watch over and over again falling asleep to them. My advice would be to never quite adding new channels never stop the memories.

I could easily open up my imagination again and write a story of… shadow jumpers. Shadows that live on the walls roofs and floors, they’re not attached to anything or anyone these shadows are different they stand alone. They jump from wall to wall, place to place, cities and countries. They see everything and they absorb it all from conversations about love, politics, pain and suffering, happiness and joy. They absorb scenery, faces, art, heart breaking and heart warming scenes. They share with no one all they’ve collected, well until now when I create my story and, all across the universe, wow how eyes will be open…..

Sure I could talk one of my ideas and write this perfect boy a story, or I could simple just say….Happy Birthday Zachary D. Sams, you’re where happiness lives. I love you!