Do I have the right to be mad at my boyfriend?

Do I have the right to be mad at my boyfriend for not calling me on valentines day? We are also in a long distance relationship.

Answer #1

wow. how long had you been going out for? because if your relationship was fairly new then I’m not sure if he was obligated to call. but from the way he reacted he didn’t seem like too much of a winner anyways.

Answer #2

well no but yes sorry to say this but he could be cheating or he could of just been busy, I was I was with my sister. so no and yes just ask him what did he do if he comes up woth a anser strat up he is lying,,,

Answer #3

it depends on your relationship. do you talk often? because if you talk only like once a week then no, but if you talk every day except valentine’s day..then maybe you could be mad. but these things aren’t really a big deal, and just because he didnt call doesnt mean he’s cheating..if you’re really mad then talk to him about it.

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