Do I breakup with my b.f.

So this is my question…I am willing to breakup with my b.f. because we’ve been going together for quite a while, and since school is beginning to start, I want to have a clean fresh start back to school. And the relationship has been going downhill this summer as well…and I’m suspecting that he’s cheating on me with another girl. So help me out and give me some valuable advice…so do I breakup with him…

Answer #1

I always break up with my boyfriends before school starts also, it really is a good thing to go with a clean start, and its better if you do if you think hes cheating with you, just break up with him nicely, because its always good to stay friends.

Answer #2

well you nee dto first find out if he is cheating on you then if he is you break up with him have friends kinda spy o him ya know have them sit sorta near him in lunch or set up cameras or somtin ya know hahahahahhaha

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