Do girls like being fingered up the butt ?

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hey I live in ashburn to just wanted you too know. Well some do and some don't.

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I thought the same thing. But alott of people tell me that girls like it so..

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What the hell kind of question is that? That a question to ask a girl you are going to be in a sexual relationship with, not the random public!

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they absoulutly love it gives them ten times better of an orgay. But the trick is getting them in the mood to let you play with it

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maybe some, but I sure wouldn't.

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Do GUYS like being fingered up the butt?The answer for that is the same as the one you just asked. But if you happened to think yes, then ask yourself this; What comes out of your butt, and why would you want to put your or anyone elses fingers up there? Discusting.

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I wouldn't think so but like they said it's something you have to discuss with your partner because everyones different

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I suppose some do.

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Eww Noo !!

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