do girls disscuse uncutted penises?

im 14 and I havent got my penis cut… I heard girls hate that, is it true?

Answer #1

Me and my friends always ask if a guy we have been with is circumcised or not. Not because we care but just out of curiosity. So yes we discuss it. But most girls couldn’t care less

Answer #2

Yes we do dicuss them but not in a bad way, For you the biggest thing is hyigene and keeping it very clean

Answer #3

No - that’s false. My fiance is uncircumsized and honestly, I didn’t even know until recently that he wasn’t. Whenever he has an erection you can not even tell. There is nothing wrong with being uncut.

Answer #4

I love how people always bring up the cleanliness of an uncut guy, but its the same for a girl or anyone, if you do not wash your junk, its gonna stink! I’m uncut, at your age, I felt like an odd ball, but as I got older I love it. Just remember…you are just a “little bit” more man than cut guys!!

Answer #5

keep it uncircumcized bro! I have an uncut penis and when I get hard my skin pulls back on its own and looks like a CUT penis. As long as you pull your skin back when you shower and clean it properly you should be fine.

I also find it easier to j/o with the skin there, it doesn’t aggrivate it. Most people who blow me say its easier to make me blow my load (they have blown CUT people and they say it takes them a long time to CUM and it hurts their moths after the first 2-3 mins). I cum fast but dude I cum like 8-10 times a day. I don’t think a CUT person can say the same. :)

Good Luck Bud! You should post a pic of it so everyone can comment on how yours looks :P

Answer #6

No girls don’t hate that.

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