do eyelashes actually get longer when you wear mascara?

I thought that mascara made your eyelashes logner, mainly because of the stupid adverts “3x longer lashes with… “

so, do they actually make your eyelashes longer, or just bring them out a lot more?

Answer #1

temporarily… it doesnt acctuall make your eyelashes grow all it does is coat them, make them darker, and make them look longer or/and thicker they do make your eyes pop more and gives your face a new look mascara is great…but it doesnt make them grow longer, just look it

Answer #2

It makes them look longer. I have quite short ones. But I curl mine then put mascara on and it makes it look really long. And tbh I find with me any mascara makes my eyelashes look long

Answer #3

No, mascara doesn’t help them grow longer, I don’t think. It just makes them appear longer when you use it. If you use it they won’t look longer when you’re not using it.

Answer #4

yeah what it is your putting on the maraca to make it more full and longer

Answer #5

no it just makes them look longer and fatter because of that thick goo in mascara.

Answer #6

I think the color it adds to them makes them look longer

Answer #7

It make it appear longer.

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