Do condoms work in water?

Like in the shower or pool or hot tub . Etc.

Answer #1

yup they work everywhere, remember tho, the lub will probably dissolve and it will become only a piece of plastic, also, try getting inside the girl out of the water, then jump back in, might sound weird, but other then all the bacteria thing, it can cause serious damage to your penis.

Answer #2

Yes, you just have to be careful. Also for a girl, having sex in a hottub can be unhygenic as water is pushed up ‘there’ and this can lead to problems from any bacteria in the water.

Answer #3

yes and keep in mind you can still get pregnant in the water so using a condom is best, and yes, they do work in the water be careful though because they can also slip off more easily but as intense said hot tubs and swimming polls are home to many kinds of bacteria that could cause infections down there

Answer #4

Yes - but you must put them on before going into the water.

Answer #5

yeah. it should. lol have fun;]

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