Dixie chicks

Are they really that bad??? They said what they thought. First Admendment people!!

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I agree, they can think what they want and have the opinion they want, BUT they were at a music awards, NOT the place to promote your political views ect...just because you are a celebrity doesnt mean its okk to say things at wrong times and use your popularity for your own opinions, they should of stuck to the reason they were there(music) ...otherwise as people in general, they can think what they want...

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Sure they have the right to express - doing it in a concert overseas showed zero class, embarrassing millions of Americans - they have the right to express, we have the right to never listen-to or buy anything with their name on it...haven't heard of any threats, that's clearly wrong.

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I think their situation was taken way out of hand just for expressing their true feelings, I'll always love the Dixie Chicks no matter their opinion on something. I find it low that someone could threaten them because of this, sad really.

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