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we were discussing this in english class…the statement: “do you think today’s teens are far too disrespecful these days?” when I answered I disagreed and agreed…I agree because when you look around you see kids actin like adults talking back to their teachers and doin things you wouldnt even think about doing in the 80’s…but I also disagree because adults often abuse their authorities over teens like parents push too far,or teachers pick favorites in the class and expect us to be quiet and not speak our minds..

Answer #1

ya I see it both ways too and I think some teens act like they do to adults because they are abused by a adult or were so that might be why there so stiff sometimes but I do think a lot of adults use all of their power in the wrong way

Answer #2

Yes, many are disrespectful and etc. But there are many that can be mature.

So I don’t think that there should ever be generalizations. About anything, really.

Answer #3

I think adults kindof abuse it sometimes. Like they spent all their lives in the seventies and eighties obeying and yes ma’am and no ma’am and eveything that these days they think its their turn. But I think society on tv and stuff is saying its not necessary. So with both feeding into our brains we get confused about what to do and lash out at the only one of the two you can lash out on: the parents and adults.

Answer #4

Kids were still acting this way back in the 80’s…I think this question goes back a few more generations when it wasn’t illegal to whip your children or backhand them when they stepped over the line.

It’s getting hard these days to raise good kids- without corporal punishment, many parents are getting walked all over and teens are doing what they want.

That’s not to say I agree with corporal punishment - my children have never been hit, but unfortunately, parenting is a difficult job, and most people are just making do.

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