Why am I getting so much discharge?

okk well rite now im getting a lot of discharge and im a virgin and not on ma period so any concerns or help??

Answer #1

it’s probably cum. lol no worries!!

Answer #2

Ok well if you just tell your doctor the symptoms dont have to show im anything he could help but…

If there is a burning sensation when you pee, your itchy? You would most likly have urinary tract infection (not serious) Basically it means germs have gotten in there and are running a muck Things like Ural (which is sachets of stuff you put in water to help clear it -you drink it)

Will clear it up I a few days…

Answer #3

discharge is normal. you will notice during different times of your monthly cycle, it will range in color and consistancy. sometimes clearer, sometimes whiter. it is normal. if it starts having what is described as a “fishy” odor (you will know what I’m talking about if it happens) then you probably have an infection, and you should go to your dr. otherwise don’t worry about it. lots of girls wear a pantyliner, too. so if you are uncomfortable with it, just pick up a package. they are small and discretely packaged, so you can keep them in the same pocket as your tampons or pads.

Answer #4

hey I dont know if this is any help now but I think im pregnant and I’ve had a lil bit of a fishy smell and discharge a lot, I hope everything goes well . im and the same boat, any one have any answeres for us?

Answer #5

as long as its clear and odorless its perfectly normal…if its starts to turn a mucus color or have a foul odor talk to your doctor cause it could be serious

if you would like to talk about this in a more personal manor feel free to personal message me or one of the advisors…I know it can be kind embarrassing posting something like that one a website

Answer #6

its nothin to freak about usalluy when im bout to start my period my discharge gets really heavy so maybe yer bout to start it well hope it help!=]

Answer #7

It depends. What colour is it? Is it thick? Does it have an odor? Are you itchy down there? Is it watery?

Funmail me more details and I will be able to give you a more in depth answer.

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