Is discharge before your period normal?

Is it normal to have discharged before you start your period? and if so what kind of discharged is it? thick oretc

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I am 13 and all my friends got there period and I didnt I have been having discharge for like almost a year and it keeps getting heavier and heavier...I feel like there is something wrong with me ...Do you think I will get it

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its normal my cuzin got her period when she was nine I got mine in my late 13th year and I was experiencing white discharge before it it is normal look at me I got my first period in an airplane..imagine walking thru an airport with blood stained will never forget and that day I was too happy to be embarrassed.. im 22 now..when I got pregnant that white dischrge came even heavier and yes I saw what seemed to be my period but it wasnt so my advice is if your not sexually active dont worry about it talk to your mom or school nurse but if you are confide in somebody you trust and to tell you the truth be honest and upfront and talk to your parents

Is brown discharge before and after your period normal?

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I was washing my vagina and there was white stuff in my vagina is it a discharge not coming out

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I was washing my vigina and I saw white stuff in my vagina is t a discharge not coming out

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actually it is very normal to have a discharge before your period. Im really not sure how it happenz but i do know thats normal. You can even look it up urself

Why do I have brown discharge before my period?
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I have that discharge and im worried its white and gooey and it has started to come more before it was a little and I dont have my period and im 15 and I dont want to tell my mom cause I think theres something wrong with me advice please!! -shayshay- my email is deshababi4eva@hotmail.comif you want to e-mail me a answer thanx :)

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I am 15 and have a clear jelly like discharge I have had it before I started my period and I still have it now I dont talk to my perants me and my sisters keep are selfs to are selfs so I dont wanna tell then and im scared of going to the doctors cause I will get embarrassed I no that it wud be better to go HELP

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I have been having this discharge for about 1 year and half pretty bad and its kinda clumpy it dusnt smell bad unless you smell it really close to your nose lol and its white and thick ! is there somthing wrong I dont want to ask my mom cus im scared shell be groos and embarrisoing HELP

Why do I have discharge before my period?

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Im 13 I've had the discharge for almost 2years now. Its clear but then somtimes slightly yellowish. A dunno if it smells bad. im worried about it being slightly yellowish and how if it smells bad yuv got an infection. All my friends have started and started a while back. my mum says it is because im a lot skinnier but people smaller than me have started.

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hey, I'm 16 and I have that same kind of discharge.
Don't worry about talking about it to your mom. When I got my first period, I didnt tell my mother because I was kind of scared. I didn't know what to do and I didn't wear a pad, and it stained my entire pants, but when I told her, she helped me and told me what to do. don't be afraid, it may seem yucky, but remember you're a lady now. and being a woman in this world is the best thing that can ever happen to you. IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF CLOTHES, SHOES, JEWELRY you get to wear unlike the BOYS! LIVE YOU LIFE GIRLS!


How is it normal for a girl to have discharge even if shes virgin?
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to all you girls worrying about white discharge, I'm 28 and I have been having my period since I was 13, the white gooey discharge is completely normal, you often get it just before your period. if you haven't started your period yet, the discarge is a sign that its going to arrive pretty soon. the discharge will change throughout the month, once you have your period, a normal period usally hppens every 28 days. around 2 weeks after the day you came on your period, your discharge will change again, and it will go clear and stretchy, this is normally when you ovulate, which means you are quite fertile and there is a high possibility that you will get pregnant. around the 3rd week, your discharge will change again, the a more milky discharge, then a few days before your period, it will become white ish and gooey again. Enjoy being period free while it lasts girls, its no fun having a period! I hope this was of some help.

What kind of discharge happens before a period?
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DEFFINATLY I have had discharge for 2 years and thats A LOT I am only 10 and I have had breast since I was 7...Like size 34A at 7!!! And I tell my mom EVERYTHING...Come on its a girl thing ya gotta trust your ma..

P.S. Good luck

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ashjameson123 - if you are getting this then you need to see a doctor as you may have a vaginal infection, sorry to say :(
xellax - your breasts developing has nothing to do with your period, but the white stuff is discharge. this is completely normal, its just your vaginas way of cleaning itself.

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I have the discharge im almost 15 and dont have my period does this mean im close?

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thick or gel type

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I'm 22 and I have that discharge normally if it has an odor to it you need to be checked by a real doctor. discharges are different for all people mine is normally white clearish but some can be mucus like...etc...its ok to talk to your mom about it because she's already been through it. its better to be safe than sorry because some curable stds can lead to other serious conditions and possible make you unable to have children. good luck

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I have been getting brown to green yucky smelling distarge with blood in it I have not stared my periods yet and I'm 13
what is wrong with me

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same here but I am 13 and I hate talking about it to my mom its so embaressing

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I am ten and have got white sticky stuff in my underwear and my breats are developing does this mean I'm gonna have my pierod soon???

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Yes, usually its thick and clear, jelly like, though all women are different. But as long as it is not discoloured or smelling it should be ok but check with your doctor if you want to make sure, especially if you've had unprotected s*x.

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All of you girls that are around 15 or older and haven't gotten your period yet, don't worry because you will get it soon. I just got mine and I'm 16. I think it is partially because I am very athletic. I was paranoid about it ever since I was around 13 because all my other friends had theirs, but they weren't as athletic as me either. I found on the internet one night that you have to have a certain body fat percentage, around 21 percent. I measered mine because my dad has one in his gym, and sure enough I was around 16%! That was a shock, but I guess that explains why I am really strong! Anyways I stuffed my face with ice cream and chocolate and 3 months later I got it!!

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I have the same issue I got my period last month and I am due to have to have it agin any day now. so isit normal if you have already gotten your period?

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I need help I was washing my vagina and I saw white stuff in the vagina is it a discharge not coming out

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I was washing my vagina and I saw white stuff in my vagina is it a discharge not coming out I need help

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