Why do i have brown discharge before my period?

why do I have brown discharge before my period . during my period its one day on blood and the rest is brown discharge'. why?

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I believe that the brown discharge is blood. Blood will often become brown when dried. It's likely just light so it dries quickly. However, if this is a new occurance, or you haven't seen a gynecologist before, I recommend that you see one ASAP!

Good luck.

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The brown discharge is most likely blood as stated above.

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hi my name is maryellen and I have a problem.
I have meen having dark blood discharge a week be for my period and im not on the pill . and im worred

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I get brown discharge too. but the day after I had unprotected sex (it was our first time and he pulled out, I know it's not the safest method) I had brown discharge. and it's been going on for a 4 days already. is it a sign that my period is coming?

mean if your period blood is kinda brown?

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I think you should get a pregnancy test well I have the same problem but that's what I'm going to do to be sure.

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You have brown discharge because your period is coming.. It might last a few days but shorter than your period.. Hope this helps :]

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