Dilute your urine with water directly.

If you dilute your urine directly with water and just add a couple of drops of your urine, will a positive results come back. I just took a couple of tokes of some weed and 2 snort of cocaine, and had a surprise drug tests the next day so I put warm water in the cup and add a couple of drops of my urine for color

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Nope...it doesn't work...ask any truck driver...they have random drug tests all the time, and they KNOW better than to think they'll be able to cheat...


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no, you know what will work though
not taking drugs
and especially not taking drugs if you know people are going to be testing you every now and then

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no, it doesn't matter what you try. Have you ever watched MythBusters? One of their episodes they tried to pass an alcohol test taken by police and everything they tried still would not let them pass the test. A lot of tests that are taken today they use hair folicals and when they do those tests they can trace what a person has done for the last year, so good luck. If that was a suprise test do you carry water and coloring in your pockets?

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you're stupid and you are gonna fail the test, congrats

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