Difficult situation...I like my ex's friend, and it's mutual

Ok. so my ex broke us off in mid december…I was pissed, but got over it. He started avoiding me like the plague…(I mean he’s taking a zero in band to avoid me) I don’t know what he’s telling his friends about me, except that he’s gloating because he doesn’t think I’ll be able to get over him. (yeah, no, I’m totaly over it) , and it’s a little wierd the lengths he’ll go to to avoid me. But I had hit it off with one of his friends, and we became pretty good friends…and this mutual friend and I were working on a project together in february when I first noticed something…and over the past few weeks I kinda realized that he likes me. and that the feeling is mutual. But he’s being lied to about me by my ex, (he keeps telling me he doesn’t believe it, but that stuff affects people, even if they mean it not to), as well as being my ex (that hates me for no apparent reason)’s friend. How do I go about sorting this all out??? preferably so that everyone’s happy and me and my friend don’t have to date in secrecy…

Answer #1

Well it sounds like your ex is a jerk so tell your friend to tell your ex that he likes you and he’s just going to get over it.

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