Different ways to masturbate please?

Hi! Im 15 and im a girl and I love to masterbate. Finger masterbation isn’t working for me anymore and I want to feel more pleasure. What ways can I use to get a bigger climax? Also, I come too fast. Are there any ways to slow down?

And I cant get a dildo any other ways? Please let me no asap!

Answer #1

Some people use things around the house to masturbate; end of a toothbrush, end of a hair brush, fruits, massagers, also shower heads are good for clitoral stimulation. When you finger yourself, put your fingers in with your palm facing towards you and make a “come here” motion by pulling them forward and keep doing that, it should hit your G-spot.

Answer #2

when you finger yourself whuch hole should you put your fingers in?

Answer #3

Lay in the bathtub, lets apart under the faucet. Might take 1 - 2 minutes. But it’s amazing.

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