Different names for jessica

I didnt know what category to put this under? but anyway, me and all my friends are changing our names a bit, like my friend elizabeth is now taken on a shortened version and is going by Effy, we have all sorted out names except the name jessica, I googled different names for jessica but it came up with things like jessca and jessa, thats too similar to jessica, does anyone know any names that are can be short for jessica? it would be much apreciated (: x

Answer #1

The only names I got for Jessica is Jess and Jina.

Answer #2

personally, I’ve had trouble findinggg names for “jessica” also. its a very common namee but I guess not much used in Scene or Emo. I’ve searched and searched and I found some. I am using JessiCore. there’s Jexxy or even Jexikka. out of those two, I think Jexikka would fit you best.

-coming from a fellow Scenester- :]]

Answer #3

Sexika Jeshika Jessikums Jessie Jessy Jess Jesh Jumpy Jess Jolly Jess Jarcey Jessa. Jersika G force Jess.

Answer #4


Answer #5

Well I call my cousin jay, and jessie.?

Answer #6

you can go with ica? dats what we call my cusin jessica

Answer #7

Jess Jesse Jessikah Sici (ce-ce) Jazzie Jex Jessa Kika Jesizzle

Answer #8



Answer #9

sica jes jes jes jesa

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