What's the difference between steel and stainless steel?

Is one harder than the other? What makes it different? Why is one stainless?

Answer #1

one is regular steel and the other is steel that’s stainless.

Answer #2

Well, yes. But what makes it that way?

Answer #3

I think regular steel is used for like tools & stuff, & stainless steel is used for like sterile things, hospital or piercing or tattoo needles, stuff like that. I may be thinking of something completely different so dont take my word ahah

Answer #4

stainless dont rust…That is why a knife and fork ect that you wash up after using is OK in the water….thats all i know/think.

Answer #5

the stainless steel is a steel that does not rust were as normal steel can rust

Answer #6

a regular steel goes from new to rust, whereas stainless steel would last for quite sometime and you dont have to make it look like new again

Answer #7

nice one bro

Answer #8

Stainless stell has content of nickel and chromium in in it . And is more resistant to corrosion and wear tear

Answer #9

There are a number of alloys of stainless steel with different qualities but they all have significant amounts of chromium. The chromium in stainless steel when exposed makes a protective layer of chromium oxide that protects the steel.

Answer #10

Steel and Stainless steel are not that very far in comparison with each other. Steel is the by-product of combining iron and carbon in the same way stainless steel is made up of iron and chromium. Steels are generally used in railways, roads, subways, bridges, other huge buildings and modern skyscrapers, shipbuilding, cars, armoured vehicles, and bulldozers, while stainless steel due to its low cost and high resistance for corrosion and rust is normally used in small to medium objects like surgical instruments, cutlery, home appliances, cookware, storage tanks and even many jewelries and fashanable accessories are made of stainless steel.

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