Is there a difference between being slim, skinny, and thin?

They seem all the same to me.

Answer #1

I think they’re all the same.

Answer #2

I THINK slim is more polite word for thin and skinny. People prefer using slim than skinny. It is just like saying well built than fat.

Answer #3

I think thr skinny and to skinny, if I can see bones that TO SKINNY, but that’s just my opinion

Answer #4

Thin, it’s like a little too skinny. Slim, is a fair and good body.

Answer #5

Skinny is a more extreme version of slim. Personally I think that it is all relative. I mean u decide if someone is skinny or slim or both.

Answer #6

Skinny’s like, the skin and bones type. Like, they look like they don’t eat enough. Thin means they’re thin through the middle, like, there’s not much to them. So they’re a little more filled in then skinny people. Slim implies athletically built; an ideal weight, but maybe slightly littler than most

Answer #7

i think they all mean the same thing.

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