What is the difference between bipolar and bipolar ii?

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bipolar II is depression episodes and bipolar is just mood swings

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bipolar one is a cycling of highs and lows in moods over periods of time bipolar 2 they suffer from hypomania and depression. pretty much the happiest person in the world to depressed.


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Bipolar II is a hypermaniac while bipolar I is maniac which means that hypermaniac is not as severe it will not cause you to have problems with natural living habits like work or social life also it isn't as dangerous so you can't be hospitalized.

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Hypomania is actually a lower level of mania, so no it is not the happiest person on earth.

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hypomania, not hypermania. the rest is sort of right.

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wow i'm so happy you had to correct james too , do you feel better instead of pin pointing ppl who messed up one word why don't you make a post with your own answer explain what it means.


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also read this i found on a health site-
Hypomania is a less severe form of mania. Hypomania is a mood that many don't perceive as a problem. It actually may feel pretty good. You have a greater sense of well-being and productivity. However, for someone with bipolar disorder, hypomania can evolve into mania -- or can switch into serious depression.

so eff off =)

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You're upset because I was right? Perhaps next time, you shouldn't answer questions you don't have any clue about? As for hypomania switching INTO depression, I'd love to see that one. Mania and depression are two different moods. One does not switch into one mood from other, but one can switch between moods. That's generally what you'd define as bipolar (1 being the switching between depression and mania, and two being the switch between hypomania and depression, and if you were interested cyclothymia is a rapid switching of moods). I think at some point you kinda have to realize you don't really know what you're talking about and move on. But hey, that's really your choice.

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