Who knows if anyone actually died from TSS by using tampons?

Answer #1

a few people did. before we knew like how to prevent it..i think

Answer #2

About three percent of TSS cases are fatal. Since 1984 there have been sixty-nine reports of death related to tampon use; all but three were caused by TSS. However, the risk of death from TSS is higher in cases not related to menstruation.


Apparently it is rare but happens

Answer #3

I guess they made tampons a while back that had the absorbency to allow them to be worn for 24 hours, people werent changing their tampons like they shouldhave ben and bacterial infections were growing. I think they’re only allowed to make tampons that last up to 8 hours now for saftey reasons, otherwise why would some brands claim they last for a day or two to knock out competetion? :)

Answer #4

yes, not tons but quite a few have. my mom told me about this girl she treated in the intensive care unit who was only 15 and died, but keep in mind that was probably during the 80’s. but still :(

Answer #5

If you really think about it, it’s kinda scary…makes you not want to wear a tampon almost. I believe someone did die though, because that’s why they have the warnings on the boxes & stuff.

Answer #6

been why wouldn’t*

Answer #7

ZOMG what were the other three doing with the tampons D: scary stuff man.. I don’t think I wanna know actually.

Answer #8

You can get tampons that last two days?? I’ve never heard of these beforee

Answer #9

I think it’d be pretty nasty to wear a tampon for two days.lol

Answer #10

Eww! :S

Answer #11

I’d never wear one for that long, that’s nasty. I hate even having them in for 6 hours like the box says. But like, I don’t think they sell these in the UK ‘cause I’ve never seen them before?

Answer #12

They dont seelll those 2 day ones anymore, I believe.

Answer #13

They dont seelll those 2 day ones anymore, I believe.

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