Die with out dieing my hair.

I wanna die my hair dark brown, or black. But how can I die it with out going to get it die? Cause I heared that it can mess up your hair buy going to get it died. And I dont wanna risk it. So how can it die it with out dieing it?

Answer #1

First of all… there’s nothing ‘natural’ about hair dyeing. Your natural hair color would be natual…

So… you think dyeing your hair YOURSELF, at home, would be less ‘risky’ than getting it done PROFESSIONALLY?

Answer #2

…seriously? n___n

How can you ‘dye’ your hair, without ‘dyeing’ your hair?


How can you do something without doing it? THAT is your question?


Answer #3

there are natural ways to go about doing it,I don’t know if you ever heard of this hair product line called lush?? they also have a website and you dye your hair with henna and other natural ingredients,like cinnamon,stuff like that,check it out

Answer #4

I’ve dyed my hair a lot. and you just need the right tools. go to a sally beauty for the first time you dye it.

its waay cheaper than convenient store brands. and it gets used by salons.

Answer #5

no like naturley die it, with at home stuff.

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