Could you die if you drank perfume?

Answer #1

if you go to a doctor or something maybe not u have a 80% if u dont do nothing you have a 95%

Answer #2

I’d say that’s a definite possibility, especially if you drank the whole bottle.

Answer #3

Also, if you’re not asking this question hypothetically, you should probably call Poison Control.

Answer #4

lol no i just wanted to know

Answer #5

its probablyt possible considereing some of the ingredients they put in there, i wouldnt say its likley though. if youve accidently done this see a doctor asap or call poisons anonymous to be safe, if you thinking of trying it though, dont be stupid

Answer #6

it depends on the ingredients . most perfumes are mostly water and ethanol with small amounts of the chemicals that make up the smell and color, those things are not good for you but in a small amounts you would be fine. however if you drink a perfume that is made with methanol or rubbing alcohol you could go blind or worse.

Answer #7

you might want to. ew. All joking aside, there are a lot of chemicals in perfume, so you should definitely NOT drink it. I’m not sure if you would die, but you should definitely go to the hospital if you did.

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