How come I didn't have a hangover?

I drank half a bottle of smirnoff :S

Answer #1

Some people just don’t get them, your body might just be able to cope the next morning. It depends on your body really

Answer #2

Lmao, does that mean I’m immune or something?? Hahaa thatd be awesome!

Answer #3

probably not, but maybe just smirnoff doesnt effect you, i’ve drank whole bottles of it and been fine the next day, but two or three ciders and im dead the next day.. it really does all depend :)

Answer #4

Smirinoff liquor or Smirnoff malt drink in the bottles? If it was just a half a malt drink then theres no reason for anyone to have a hangover from that, its hardly any alcohol at all considering each one contains less than 8% alcohol. If it was liquor, that all depends on how long of a time period you drank it over, what you drank with it and if you stayed hydrated, and if you ate. Most hangovers are caused by either dehydration or alcohol poisoning..there are ways around getting a hangover and just because you drank doesnt mean you will have one.

Answer #5

It was smirnoff vodka, I don’t know the exact name of the vodka type, but it was smirnoff and vodka.

Answer #6

Damn :l

Answer #7

And I ate alot and drank alot of water, and it was lithe lemonade

Answer #8

Vodka and Gin are the least likely to cause hangovers. Brandy and red wine are the most likely to cause hangovers and everything else is somewhere in between but the general rule is darker liquors are worse than lighter ones.

Not that I’m encouraging binge and/or underage drinking. This is common knowledge though.

Answer #9

Knowledge of liquor isn’t great here :L

Answer #10

Actually, traces of toxic chemicals like congeners, methanol, fusil oil, and alhehydes are the main cause of hangovers. Some liquors contain larger amounts of these toxic substances and produce worse hangovers.

Answer #11

hahaa from my personal experience.. vodka doesnt really give me hangovers at all… beer on the other hand hahaha…hard times the next morning :P oh,,, and if ur drininkin alot of water, and eating too, that helps detoxify ur system from the alcohol.. so ur less likely to puke..or get hangovers.. take notes for the next party :)

Answer #12

I drank a whole bottle to myself of red wine once. it was 13. something % alcohol and the next day I didnt have a hangover, I woke up and felt like I was still a little tipsy, but it went away almost immediately, it was weird.

Answer #13

When you are young, you just don’t really get hangovers. Most of my friends rarely if ever have them and we are all in our 20’s. I’ve been drunk a few times and only felt tired the next day. It is the more hardened and older drinkers that wake up with a nagging headache.

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