Did i lost my virginity??

hello,I have a problem so if you can help me please answer.I am 17 years old,when I had 13 years I put my fingers into my vagina I and one day I tried to prove it if I broke my hymen and my fingers can enter without any problem.I never bleed or anything but my hymen is kind of opened or I dont know.I can put 2 or 3 fingers.I am a muslim too and im really worried about that.when my fingers can get in the penis can enter too so..I dont know what that means.please somebody experienced help me..im really worried.thank you...

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it seems like you never had a hymen at all. Not all girls have one. just because you don't have a hymen it does *not* mean you are no longer a virgin. You are a virgin until a penis enters the vagina.

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You hymen may have broken.
But it can break from sport and masturbation and such
You are only NOT virgin when a penis enters the vagina.

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If, a penis has entered your vagina and popped your cherry your not a virgin but if your just fingerin urself and no sexual help of a male ( his dick ) then you are a virigin.

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