Am I a diabetic and should I keep taking shots?

My dad is a diabetic and the other day I got sick. My dad checked my sugars and they were 183 (the range for your sugars should be around 100) So he said they were a little high but thats because I was sick. I checked my sugars the next day and decided to take a shot of insulin. For the past few days I’ve had signs of diabeates and decided to take a few more shots of insulin. If I keep doing this, will I become a Diabetic and am I already one? Reply asap!!! thanks.

Answer #1

Dude how stupid can you be? That insulin you took is made from a recombinant dna process. It is ARTIFICIAL and definitely not HUMAN.

You introduced a foreign substance into your body and probably damaged the beta cells inside your body. good job now you are diabetic forever.

Answer #2

Go 2 the doctor as soon as possible you have placed your pancreas at jeapordy… if you reach the hospital right now you might be able to reverse it. you should never take any prescription drugs without the doctors orders. GO TO THE HOSPITAL QUICK!!

Answer #3

Get to the Doctor now!!! Chances are you shut down your pancreas. . . . . You may have just become diabetic at your own hands. . . . You should never take a perscription drug without doctors orders.

Answer #4

A single random high blood sugar isn’t necessarily an indication of diabetes. If you get multiple high blood sugar readings taken >=2 hours after your last meal that is when you should worry.

Don’t try to manage your diabetes on your own. You need a doctor, taking someone else’s insulin to try to self-medicate is a really bad idea. You may be able to manage your diabetes with diet or drugs like Metformin and not need insulin. If you are diabetic a doctor can guide you to the best way to manage it.

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