Who is Cody Simpson?

Answer #1

When you find out let me know? lol He is that kid that sings “All Day” xD lol, besides that, i have no idea. he popped out of no where i guess -_-

Answer #2

He’s a kid that sings like a girl and it’s even worse than Justin bieber

Answer #3

Hes like the new justin bieber…..disney found him i think. Well i’ve seen him on disney comercials anyway

Answer #4

Cody Simpson is Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber.

He is a young singer (14 yrs old) and all the young teenagers are ga-ga over him. He was discovered on Youtube doing covers of other songs.

That’s about all I’ve got. Hope it helped.

Answer #5

Australian Justin Bieber except more of a puts.. Nah he’s not that bad, I love that song Summertime by him, lol I always quote the lyrics here.

Answer #6

He’s a 14 year old pop singer from Gold Coast, Australia who was discovered on YouTube by a record producer and was signed to US record label Atlantic Records. He recently moved to LA with his family to produce more music where he has been dubbed the next Justin Bieber.

Answer #7

Simpson was born to Brad and Angie Simpson. He has two younger siblings, Tom and Alli.[3] He is also a talented swimmer, winning two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships.[4] Simpson trained at the Miami Swimming Club under coach Ken Nixon.[5] Simpson’s mother Angie works as a volunteer at the club.


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