Devil May Cry 4 question

Does Dante go bad? because I love Dante, and that would be so sad.

Answer #1

he is good guy and does vergil comeback tell me guys I have finished all the other three dmcs ; and nero is totally weak he just got that stupid demin hand of his but actually dante goes easy on him in dmc4 because he felt awkward in fighting him hail dante and vergil also now in dmc 4 dante is stronger than sparda

Answer #2

nope hes good I’ve beeten the game already so ill can tell you to buy it used beat it before the time to take it back is up cause it was a nice story but they made it a little well not wanting after you beat it kinda of way you know, you might be wanting to take it back right after you beat it so get it used if you are getting it lol

Answer #3

oh ok thanx. I heard he like turned his back on humans or whetever.

Answer #4

not in DMC4 he dont I dont want him to go bad he wouldnt b the same guy we all luv to play as

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