How to get my mind off of my Mom's sickness?

im 15 and my moms had cancer for 5 years on and off and they thought they got rid of it and it just moved and aparently her doctor told her she wasnt going to make it long and it was servere and me and my mom are really close and me and my sister went to the hospital to see her and she still didnt tell us she was that sick but on the way out her nurse told us EVERYTHING and my dad died november 24th 2006 of cancer im sooo depressed and I dont know what to do and on top of that we just found out were getting evicted from our house!!! can someone please tell what I can do to take my mind off of this before I go crazy

Answer #1

Hi there, first of all I am so sorry to hear about all the sad things that are happeneing your life right now. I have been through some really bad times my self. I am a Mom and I have a son about your age. Things are pretty good for us now but , oh man, I can feel your pain because we had some similar things happen to us. about 4 years ago I was married to this man who didnt treat me or my son very well so I wanted to move out. I found out that I had cancer in my uterus so I had to stay with the mean man for another year after the surgery. I am fine now and the doctors definitely got all the cancer out because it was enclosed inside the uterus. But when Me and my son first heard out about it we were so devcasted./ We also are very close. WE really prayed to God that He would bring us through all the bad stuff. We prayed a lot and God did help- us. We are away from the mean stepfather and we have our own house. These things seemed so impossible 4 or 5 years ago but believe me good things can happen in time and sometimes it doesnt take a long time for good to come. The love you and your Mom share is something that can never ever die. Pray for her and for you and I will pray for your Mother and you too. There is a great book that really helped me so much when I was going through all of that the name if the book is “ The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. You may be able to get it at the library and I know you can get it at Walmart. Please try to get the book it will help you and your Mom and give you hope. It really helped me a lot. If you need someone to talk to, I am here for you. I really, really ,mean it. I will do whatever it takes to help you. When you go to sleep at night tell God that you cant handle all these issues and that you are giving them all to Him and that you are now putting Him in charge of all the problems. Then go to sleep and know that God has heard your prayers and He is working on them. You take care and know that I care about you and your Mom. Tami Beautysblush

Answer #2

The hospital your mom is at should have a social worker on staff. Request to see him or her for help with the housing situation. he or she should also be able to help with finding you a counciler. This is a tough road for you, but will give you reserves of strenth in the future. Look after your sister and hang in there.

Answer #3

Wow, that is a lot for anyone to handle, never mind someone who is only 15 years old. First let me say, I am very sorry about your Father passing away in 2006, and about your mom being sick. To answer your question about what to do to get your mind of off things, well, unfortunately, I don’t think that there is one thing big enough that that I could suggest to you that would completely take your mind off your current situation. I do that that the best advice I can offer you is, to make the time you have left with your mom the best that you can. Spend as much time as you can with her, say all the things you want to say to her now and make sure that she knows how much you love her and will miss her, and that might help you gain some closure later on. If you aren’t already seeing a professional therapist for the loss of your dad, I think now would be a great time, and dont think of it as a bad thing..just a way to sort out all the terrible feelings you will have, and that anyone would have after losing a parent(s). As far as being evicted from your house, I would talk to another family member who is an adult, or a close adult friend if family isnt near by and have them work out the details with your house, but im sure your family isnt going to let you and your sister live on the streets. Other than that, you and your sister should try and be constant supports for each other to get through this together. Stay strong, there is no easy way to go through something like this. Take Care

Answer #4

I’m so sorry to hear all of that I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through but I do know what it is like to have a sik mother. My mum is dying of cancer and I am 14. I’m sure if you spoke to someone about it like a relative or someone at school then they may be able to help youxx I think you are extremely brave :)

Answer #5

Well who do you live with now?

It’s going to be very hard to take your mind off of your parents but try being happy with who you live with now. :)

Answer #6

thanks for the advice and prayers but my mom passed away yesterday…

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