What do you think of the department of homeland security telling everyone to spy on thy neighbor?

I think people need to get a life, and get out of mine.

Answer #1

Well I know I need my neighbors liveing in my house, u know wat I mean

Answer #2

I think the need for security has put paranoia on the minds of many people. The world is becoming a strange place indeed, when you can’t even talk to your neighbour without wondering if they are a threat to you.

Answer #3

I know, it is like everyone is guilty in everyone’s eyes for anything, until proven innocent.

Answer #4

Yep so much for innocent till proven guilty

Answer #5

I agree

Answer #6

Different thing is happening here. Since there are so many moving terro rists, we really need to know who is living next to our doors. I mean just to know, where they come from and what kind of family, specially for those who just rent the house. It often happens when the police finally arrest someone, the neighbors say that they do not really know who they are. In fact at the day of the arrest, the police found active sui cide bomb inside the house. No spying, just making sure that we know each other so that we all feel safe…

Answer #7

Good point

Answer #8

Sounds kind of ridiculous, if you ask me. It’s encouraging people to be nosey and trust no one. How can you enjoy the company of your neighbour if you’re treating them like some criminal?

Answer #9

I think it is just another effort to keep us living in fear so we can be manipulated.

Answer #10

Well DHS is the biggest joke of all the federal government departments so such a dumb statement doesnt surprise me. They need to be completely rehauled, not to mention learning the constitution all over again.

Answer #11

that’s a bit of an overstatement. you don’t need to “spy” on them. 99+% of your neighbors aren’t doing anything, but don’t turn a blind eye to the guy stock-pilling pro-pain tanks and fertilizer. other then that just let them be.

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