Have you had dental work done under sedation due to phobia?

Has anyone here had there dental work done under sedation from a phobia??

Answer #1

no I am scared of hte dentist thou! mostly b/c I have had bad experianes there adn my dentisit is really mean. so I don’t know what it is like bu tif you dont want to do it try listeneing to music when your there…or have one of your friends sit in with u! thats what I always do! keep me posted. try asking your dentisit or go to another dentist for some info bout it!

Answer #2

I have the most massive fear of dentists and I am too embarest to tell you how long its been but I hate the sound of metal anf teeth and I have had bad past experiences with dentists. Im thinking I would rather pay and get it all done in one hit. lol. Just say go to town on me mr dentist while im asleep…

Answer #3

last time I was at the dentist I had a severe panic attack. I’ve had two in my life. yes.. nitrous oxide is good.

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