How to delete songs from my iPod Nano?

for my precious nano…how can I delete songs from it? theres some that…I have decided need to be removed…please help me out. thanks so much! *mwuah

Answer #1

Well you cant delete songs one by one off the ipod but you can reformat the whole player and delete all the songs off. Plug your ipod up to the computer then go to my computer and you should see local disk, cd drive, and etc. but you will see your ipod then right click on the ipod then go to format check the quick format box and click on start. It will then delete everything off the ipod.

Answer #2

It wont let you press the DELETE button on your keyboard and when you right click it, it doesnt give you the option to delete ?? Any help ?? x

Answer #3

OK. Check this out, get to the part where your ipod is listed under “DEVICES”. Left click once on “MUSIC”, Then go to the top of the SCREEN under “EDIT” and SELECT ALL, now all your songs are now SHADED, RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the SHADED area, you should now be able to DELETE what is now shaded!!!

Answer #4

you cant delete songs off the ipod itself, you have to attach it to the computer and delete the songs that you feel you no longer need

Answer #5


Answer #6

no no no, that’s totally wrong! YOU CAN! I delete songs when ever I feel like deleting ‘em!! it’s simple! right click, delete!! and make sure it’s from the list that says music it has all the songs you have on your ipod “do not delete from the list that has the song” I hope it works, and if it doesn’t work, fun mail me and tell me why you can’t do it, I will see if I can help.

Answer #7

Waltdisney’s right. all you do is plug it in, select music, and then right click and delete. its that simple. you DO need an itunes account, incase you somehow tried it without, but its that easy. also, incase people wanted to know, to delete videos, you: 1 - Go main menu and select VIDEOS 2 - Click CAMERA VIDEOS 3 - Go to the video you want 2 delete and hold the center button in, then click delete. Cya xx

Answer #8

I was always told once your ipod was full that was it, you were screwed. I followed what little t3290 said and it worked perfectly. I got a clean Nano and new music on it with no problem at all. Thanks little t!

Answer #9

HEY!!! I THINK I CAN HELP U!!! 1-Connect Your iPod To ITUNES 2-Select Music Below LIBRARY(((IN THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE))) 3-Choose The Songs You Want To Delete 4-Press DELETE…OR…RIGHT CLICK>>DELETE 5-Agree I HOPE IT CAN HELPS!!!

Answer #10

HEY!!! I THINK I CAN HELP U!!! 1-Connect Your iPod to ITUNES 2-Choose Music Below LIBRARY 3-Choose The Songs You Want To Delete 4-Press Delete Button…OR Right Click Then Choose DELETE 5-Agree I HOPE IT HELPS:):)

Answer #11

you can look on the keyboard and there is a delete button! lol x.

Answer #12

this hasn’t helped me … I’ve tried EVERYTHING! isnt there still any suggestions? please!

Answer #13

Well, I have my music on 1 playlist so I can remove songs whenever I like using iTunes. Bur I dont think you can delete the songs directly from your iPod. What I know is deleting songs work, the iPod is NOT screwed when you fill it up to the max

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