Can deleted texts come back?

Can a deleted text somehow magically reappear back on your phone? My friend reckons its happened on his phone. Is that possible or is he fibbing?

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it has never happened to me before. once I deleted them they were gone but I guess if he has a very old phone then it can happen

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it happend to be a few times
but my phones pretty old and half broken, so it does random things all the time and acts up
but I did get some texts back that I had gotten ages ago and it said they were sent by a another one of my freinds!
so it is possible, its a glitch though
and its extreemely rare

Deleted text messages

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It has happened to me more than once. I dont know how it happend but he could be telling the truth.

Deleted text messages
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My sister's phone texted me an old message yesterday, instead of the new one she actually wanted to send me at that time. So I would believe that your friend's claim is possible too.

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ANSWER #5 of 5

thats nv happened to me but my phone is new

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