Is there a way to read deleted text messages?

does anyone know or has an idea or trick to read deleted mobile messages?

Answer #1

You can get special “Sim” readers. I saw it in a paper over here in the UK. They look pretty cool but can cost about $100 or £70 (Conversion rates = my weak spot) just make sure you get the type that read EVERYTHING and if whoevers texts you want to read, saves his/her messages onto their phone, you cannot read them. At all. Never ever. But if there on the sim and deleated from the sim. They never go away.

Answer #2

would like to know how to check husbands cell phone for deleted text messages

Answer #3

You can contact the network provider and they may be able to tell you, because they can do that if you are being cyber bullied, but im dont know if they will just tell you randomly

Answer #4

my mom goes on the internet and read messages that i already deleted out of my phone. so look up your account on the internet.

Answer #5

if I want to block a guys number, but somehow either online or on a website see what he’s been texting me, is it possible to do that?

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