How do i delete a photo or photos, kinda tricky now?

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i've asked this question as well with no reply, i have absolutely no idea =/ i shall keep an eye on this for answers though and if i find out i shall let you know :)

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I have the abilities to delete, but you don't at present. If you funmail me links for pics you want removed, I'll get to them when I can.

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you cant delete pictures right now .

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It's a bug we are working on fixing. Send me the link of anything you want deleted (or Heaven or any advisor), and we can do it for you until it gets straightened out.

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Already taken care of, thanks to Heaven, but thanks for answering Dara. :)

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The delete link should be right under the says:
Edit Delete Flag

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No, you have that Colleen as an advisor. Others don't yet. :)

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Heaven, you'd think if that were the case, I would see those options under everyone's photos, but I don't. It's kind of silly for an advisor to have the ability to only delete his/her own stuff, lol.

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Sorry, it wouldn't let me reply on the same string.

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Lol, well from what I understood, users can't delete yet. I have those options under everyone's though, so hmmmm. It may be a possibility now, but it wasn't last time I checked. Sorry if I gave out bad info :)

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We're in the same tipping boat...J's going to spill us out soon, lol

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