Delete all pictures from computer

My granddaughter downloaded her holiday pictures on my computer (hundreds of them )and since then my computer has slowed right down. Will deleting them speed up the computer? If so, how do I delete them in bulk ( not one by one)

Answer #1

No it should have no effect except maybe if you’re running out of space. Even then the real solution is to get a bigger hard drive and/or defrag it. But like I said this is unlikely unless your hard drive doesn’t even have 4 GB left. I’d defrag it just in case (start => all programs => accessories => system tools => disk defragmenter), but I doubt deleting or defragging will do anything.

If you want to clean up stuff that’s slowing down your computer, try start => run => msconfig. Or google and download msconfig if you don’t have it. On the services tab check “hide all microsoft services”. Now see what’s left and uncheck unnecessary stuff. Do the same on the startup tab. Then reboot. If anything stops working, like your internet stops working, that means you unchecked something you need. Don’t worry all you have to do is go back and check it again then reboot again. But you almost never need anything on the startup tab and only sometimes do you need a non-microsoft service on the services tab.

If something comes back even after you uncheck it, it might be a virus trying to keep itself alive. Then it’s time to get an antivirus program. An antivirus is one of the few (if any) services/startup items you want to keep checked btw. It’s not essential, but it stops viruses of course.

Answer #2

Use windows to open a folder of the pictures If the folder contains only her pictures, then you can click once in the folder, press CTRL-A then press delete.

Using DOS, navigate to the folder, then type del *.jpg (providing her pictures are jpgs.

Answer #3

I dout pictures will slow a pc down

Answer #4

Just storing the photo’s on there might slow it down some (more data on your hard drive, the more data the system has to short through to find something). But overall pictures don’t take up a huge amount of space. All 300 some of my vacations pictures from last year fit on my 512MB memory card from my camera.

Try running a defrag on your computer.

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