How do you make your hair like l from deathnote?

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wow give me a minute to type...
The Hair is one of the most defining features of L next to the eyes… So it’s easier to break it down in steps.
Step 1: First, go to the hairdresser and get a nice trim, making sure it’s fairly uneven and layered. The ends should go no longer then the end of your neck, check if the left hand side is longer than the right. Usually, this step can be a bit embarassing and if the hair dresser doesn’t understand what you want her to do, show him/ her a picture of L from Chapter 11. If she laughs at you, get a new hairdresser, because he/ she obviously has no sense of style, pfft… If you don’t have pure black ebony hair, go buy some L’Oreal hair dye, and get it black. You can easily dye your hair at home, since most salons charge you quite a lot of money for it. For people with curly hair, just get it straightened, this would make it easier to spike either way.
Step 2: DISHEVELLED. That’s the look you are going for. Sure, spike it up a bit, use plenty of hair gel, but don’t make it look as if you did it on purpose! No! You must make sure it seems like you just got out of bed, put on a pair of clothes, and are going to meet someone. This is a key point in the hair. TIP: Sweep the strands in several different directions. The left hand side should have a bit more hair than the right. So sweep towards the left in the back. I suggest buy a canister of super-hold hair spray. A volumizer is nice too.
Step 3: Finally, spike off the ends with some gel, and by now the left hand side of your head should have a bit more hair. Make sure to fluff it up on the top and give it some body. This way you can make your hair stick up some more. Pull some strands over your eyes, and you’re done!

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naahhh! no hair gel. that will mke it hard...
use hair wax.
I use it on my hair to keep I in place and it doesnt feel like anything but it makes your hair stay where you want it to

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First grow your hair to a a length that's good enough. Then all you gotta do is get bangs, and then gell the hair. That's pretty much it. My brother has the same hair.

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a lot of hair gel

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