Dead puppies

My dog, a pittbull, had 8 puppies about 10 days ago, since they were outside they got infested with fleas so my husband washed them with fleas shampoo, well the next day the puppies started dying, 1 at a time they just kept dying until there was no more, does anyone know if flea soap can actually kill a puppy or could they died from something else???

Answer #1

my shih tzu is most likely pregnant w/ her first planned litter and I’ve had done tons of research and will continue to the end of her pregnacy and there new homes . the one thing I dont understand is if you couldnt give her and thoses pups a safe warm enviroment and the needed love and constant care why you would allow her to have pups to begin w/ . even w/ this being our first litter I am smart enough not to have exposed the pups like that . I agree w/ the temp. change could have cause it along w/ the flea infestation . I would have called a vet in a situtation like that before even thinking of bathing puppies . oh those poor little angels . please think twice before breeding again . make sure you can keep her and those pups seperate from all other dogs and weather . outside is not safe they need to be warm and in a closed in safe area . quiet place in your house would have been nice .

Answer #2

I concur with puglover ALL fleas shampoos have precautions on the bottle this is a sad thing to hear you maybe want to educate yourselves on pet ownership and th ecost of owning pets I know vets are expensive but to save a few bucks with a six dollar bottle of shampoo well lets say that was a decicion only in my opinion now was a decicion made by inexperienced pet owners so sorry

Answer #3

Awww =( that’s soo sadd I’m srry…

Answer #4

maybe while they were outside they caught a disease or something but that is so sad!!!I have 3 dogs 4 bunnies and a cat and I thought losing a hamster wus bad! im so sry and I hope you figure it out

Answer #5

It most likely was the shampoo.. puppies at 10 days are way too young to handle that.

Answer #6

did you take them to the vet? possibly they could have told you a possible reason… but I have no clue.

Answer #7

I don’t know but I’m so sorry! That’s so terrible!

Answer #8

If you have pups younger than 2 months old…u can’t use any chemicals on them…u also cannot give the mom who still has suckling babies a bath with a flea shampoo…for the babies you can put warm water and a little dawn dish washing liquid in that water using a flea comb,dip it into the water/dawn solution & carefully comb babies fur…don’t put excess water on babies…when combing them…mom can be given a bath using dawn too…but you have to make sure she is completely rinsed off…really really good & dried before putting her with her babies…u can’t forget to put clean bedding where they sleep…before babies or mom is put back…where their bedding goes…if you have carpet…u might want to vaaccum 1st then use a powder flea killer then vaaccum again…this too would need to be done before bring mom & pups back…

  1. do carpets… bedding…
  2. do kittens…
  3. do mom…

When you get a chance…u might want to bomb your house or apt…with a fogger…to kill fleas too…I hope this helps someone…

Answer #9

Please give your dog away to a more responsible person that will have her spayed. You are an idiot and should NOT own a dog. I hope you get infested with fleas and die.

Answer #10

It was probably the flea shampoo. Please educate yourself before embarking on trying to raise and sell another litter of pups. This is a science not anyone can do it. You need proper training and read, read, read!!! I have just had my first litter of West Highland White Terriers and they are healthy happy little babies. Please, I beg you educate yourself before doing this again. May those little darlings rest in peace!!

Answer #11

They should have never been left outside, in the first place. They should have been inside, in a nice, quiet, secluded room away from all other animals! Another thing you don’t do, is use flea shampoo, on puppies that young, so yes, that probably contributed to their death! You should have called the vet to ask, before you put pesticide on the puppies skin! The vet would have advised you on what to do, to get rid of fleas on puppies that young!

Answer #12

I dont think the shampoo could of killed your puppies,it could of been the fleas.Did has your dog ever had parvo??

Answer #13

If you’d read the bottle, you’d have seen that it cannot be used on puppies under 12 weeks old…it’s an insecticide. I just double checked on every bottle I have, it’s 12 weeks on EVERY ONE.

I ditto every person here who said, get your dog spayed. Anyone who’d bring all these babies into the world, keep them outside, and actually let them get flea infested, doesn’t do a lot to impress on any of us dog lovers how much YOU care…Enough already!!!


Answer #14

Your puppies probably developed flea anemia. The infestation caused the puppies to lose so much blood that they were anemic. Then they were washed in a chemical -based flea shampoo which is dangerous for puppies under the age of 6 weeks.

You and your husband should have your dog spayed. To bring more unwanted puppies into this world is wrong, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. That takes it from wrong, to cruel.

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