deactivated email account.

I completely deactivated my old email (hotmail) account about a year ago now. I know it takes 120 days for the email account to become completely disabled and then the email address become avalible to someone else. I know if you enter your password with the email account before the 120 days are over you will reactivate your account. I deactivated my email address and didn’t reactive it. I went on to the website where you make an email address and then the website tells you weather or not the email address is avalible (checks no one else has that email address) So out of curiousity I typed in my old email address and it said it was taken. Why is this? Do you think someone else has already taken that email address or do you think I didn’t deactivate it properly. I’ve had two other email addresses after that one which I also deactivated and it’s been over 120 days and they also are said to be taken. Thanks.

Answer #1

I typed in my old email address and it said it was taken,>>, it probably was your own.. sign up for another account but they did a lot of upgrading but its awesome now

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