Is David Dramien of Disturbed evil?

I’ve heard from a very wise, very intelligent friend who is acutely aware of the intentions of music that Dramien promotes hate for the sake of hate. Agree? Or not?

Answer #1

Doesn’t matter how intelligent or smart a person it, doesn’t mean they can read minds and tell you what his intentions are. Every artist tries to express something different through their artistic medium. Everything is shared, I don’t see anything wrong with him venting through hate if that’s what he does. Besides, it’s Disturbed, they aren’t exactly the epitome of “evil” as far as music goes anyways.

Answer #2

he is not evil. have you watched disturbeds documentary? watch it on myspace. and hes not evil he and the band writes about experiences they have had because they know other people have had problems too and music is “therapy” for alot of people. their music has saved many lives from the brink. they dont just write music to be dark but to write for their fans and themselves

Answer #3

oh and just hearing how dramin talks you can tell hes very intelligent. i have seen that he actually has 2 master degrees. i think one in psychology and another one.

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