How do I convince my parents that I am ready to date?

How do I convince my parents that I am ready to date

Answer #1

well, its depends how old you are!

Answer #2

You’re 13 - defer to their experience / judgement and wait until they think you’re old enough - make sure you demonstrate to them, you can be responsible…Take care !!

Answer #3

Well the thing I did was I acted like I was old enough to date I did things for her to show her that I am responsible.

Answer #4

ok I’m no0t going to give you that wait till your older stuff its pathetic if you want to date and have your parents more comfortable A. do not make it a formal thing

                                                                        B. double date or go with a group 
                                                                          C. do not give your parents reason to believe that you are immature
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