How can I lighten my hair color?

if i want to lighten up my hair from dark brunette almost black to a light brown do i need to decap my hair first or just apply the lighter color, and if its just apply the lighter color should i get the lighter color a little lighter than what i want to even it out?

Answer #1

If you have any red in your hair I would reccomend going to a professional. It turns out purple. If you don’t, look on the side of the dye. It shows the natural color and the color your hair will be after you dye it.

Answer #2

It depends on if your hair is naturally dark or if you colored it that way. If you colored it that way–you can only lighten it by stripping out the dark hair. Go to a professional for this–no excuses!

In fact, there are way too many variables here. Just go to a professional. Trust me on that one, I’m a hairstylist and when you are lightening, you shoudl always go to a professional. It’s just too risky.

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