Dancing like Chris Brown!

I would like to have some tips how to dance just like Chris Brown.

Do I need to go to a good dancing school? Can I do it in 3 years with 4 trainings a week?

For now,I’m intermediate,I can do moonwalk and a bit of airwalk and step.

Thanks for your answers!

Answer #1

yeah man its actually easy just bend your knees line your shoulders with your hips you should feel your center of gravity is in the hips (now nearly anything you do as long as it is on rythym should look good)use your hips and legs a lot move your arms with your hips. get fit try some flips (dont hurt your self) And always remember its good to have your own style and just use his moves. you wont become famous though for that you need personality aswell Good luck yo

Answer #2

tell me if I helped you in anyway because it worked for me I just started mixing some of his moves into krumping and now I win a lot of battles man… when I started dancing a couple years ago my friends laughed at my moves but after a while they started cheering. now I use them as a guidline they watch me and tell me what I should and should not use. so I dont ever look like a fool while dancing anywhere.

Answer #3

Look,I want to. And there’s thousands even million of people that would like to. So,if you don’t have an answer,don’t even post.

Thanks. ;)

Answer #4

No one knows? I really need help!

Answer #5

I dont think you should dance like him.

Answer #6

u should go for it. if you love dancing then why stop ? Just chase your dreams. One day youll be a great dancer. maybe even better than him

Answer #7

I dont think you should dance like him.

Answer #8

Please,help me!

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