What are good rap or hip-hop songs for a dance?

Hi everyone! I was wondering if you all know any are&b/ hip-hop/ rap songs for a hip-hop dance thingy I'm doing. I would like something with a good beat and that is not too slow or to fast.

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Sugar Daddy- Let's Go

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Well, I'm a big rap and hip hop fan myself! I can recommend a few good songs. Here they are:

Get low, Ying Yang twins
Lean back remix, Fat Joe
Yeah, Usher
Get it on the floor, DMX
Pump it, Blackeyed peas
Pump it up, Joe Buddens
Now drop, Timaland feat Fat man scoop

What are some good slow rap and hip-hop songs?

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any dance songs

look up mims

wolf pack is hot for younge croups they do this song called shining that is HOT!

crime mom rock your hips

huey pop lock and drop it.

and if you need more I'll be happy to help. I'll read you my whole list I have songs for days.

Good songs for modern/lyrical dance
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I would have to say that the song Break it off by rhianna featuring sean paul would be good :)

High schools talent show I want to do a hip hop dance

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I dunno if this is hip hop anything but damaged by danity kane is a good one I did my cheerleading dance to it

Good songs to dedicate to my boyfriend?
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Theres a gd song called comin round by bubba sparxx which I did a hip hop dance to and it was pretty intense :P lol

what is this currently popular rap song with whistling in it?

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let it rock
booty meat
whistel song
dutty wine
...ect...go to youtube.com

Good song to sing at a talent show?
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What are good rock songs without curse words?

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so fly by slim duhhh...lmao!!!

Good acapella songs?
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move shake drop - dj laz

Good emo/love (acoustic possibly) songs???
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easy. Blame it on the Alcohal by Jammie Foxx and T-Pain

What are good songs to pump you up for sports?
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You should probably go with get low by lil jon, or any of Chris Browns music

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Get Buck in here - DJ Felli Fel feat. Akon

Trust me. I found this song today its the. best.

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iDance by soulja boy

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Can I kick it - A tribe called quest

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crack a bottle

about all ti songs

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if you're wanting to dance to songs that have actual dances.
try unks 2 step.
soulja boy- crank dat superman
soulja boy-stop then snap
huey-pop lock and drop it

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dreaklocks by murs

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low by flo rida
tricky mixed with ice ice baby
one two step by ciara
stronger by kanye west

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ii think either get me bodied by beyonce,like this by kelly rowland, or whine up by kat deluna rr awesome danciin songzz.

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Ying Yang Twins- SHAKE
2 live crew- Too much booty
Three 6 Mafia- Side to side
Afrika B- Looking for the perfect beat
Newcleus- Jam on it
Rob Base- it takes two
Kriss Kross- Jump

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o well its being gay and sending me to another page...but thats it just go to a local radio stations website...and they have a playlist of songs they play all day...

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Pop, Lock and Drop It
Next Episode

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Show me the money- Petey Pablo great song! I've used it in many dance routines!

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These always make awesome party/dance songs-

Young Mc-Bust a Move
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock-It Takes Two
Mc Hammer-U Can't Touch This
Heavy D & the Boyz-Now That We Found Love
Marky Mark-Good Vibrations
Sir Mix-A-lot-Baby Got Back
House of Pain-Jump Around
Snoop Dog;Dr. Dre-Nuthin' But a "G" Thang

Good with any crowd

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2 Step by dj unk crank that by Soulja Boy

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Eminem - Encore,
thats what I did my hip hop to and I got 1st xx

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Nelly Furtado- Say it Right

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try these:
2 step-unk
ghostride the whip-family force5
walk it out
gasolina-daddy yankee
move shake drop-pitbull??
simon says-phanoea monch?? mite swear the f word soo dont recommed

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I'd recommend kevin rudolf let it rock, thats catchy.
Also look at 'step up final dance' on youtube, there should be a soundtrack available. It is amazing. Hope I've helped x

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get me so harny

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a great song to get down to is "two step", and/or Fatty Koo`s "bounce bounce"

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Here's my reccomendation the get krunk mixes & slo Jamz

Amusement park-50 cent
Pop bottles- Lil Wayne
With you-Chris Brown
Dont stop the music-Rhianna
Kiss Kiss-Chris Brown
Rush-Tyra B
Promise Ring- Tiffany Evans
I'm so hood-DJ Khaled
I'm so hood remix- DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Rick ross, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe
Crank that- Soulja Boy
Crank that batman- Duffle bag boys
Get it shawty-Lloyd
Low- FLO RIDA ft Tpain
Take you there- Sean Kingston
Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston
Shame on me-Akon
..need more holla at me www.myspace.com/jalili

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you should get unk "2step!!!

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hip hop is dead

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Donk - soulja boy
ying yang twins
pit bull
swag surfin - F.L.Y
echo - gorilla zoe
headsprung - ll cool j
your a jerk - new boys
sean paul
me and u - dj k-swift
you and that - E-40

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cyclone baby bash

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hi I think n-dubz -ouch or chris brown -take you down

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Talk about umbrella with Jay-z and Rihanna.

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ching-a-ling-missy elliott
run the show-kat deluna
caribou lou-tech n9ne
lollipop-lil wayne


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crazy - pit bull !

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Boom Boom Pow by the black eyed peas is really fun to dance to

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well I have a few! Fuego by Pitbull, Paper Planes by M.I.A, Run The Show by Kat DeLuna, Just Fine bye ??? whine up by ??? Rock This Party by Bob Sinclare Kiss Me Thru The Phone- Soulga boy Krazy - Pitbull

Hope You Choose One! xD

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The rule of rap and hip-hop is: If it ain't old school, it ain't cool. Modern rap and hip-hop plain flat out suck, so you have to go with RUN DMC or Jurassic 5 or something of the like.

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starting something--michael jackson and akon

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Hey hey.
here are a lit of artists that I think are off the chain:
1) my main man CHRIS BREEZY!! ( any songs)
2) any-Yo ( so sick, for a slow song)
3) t-pain (buy you a drank)
4) akon (smack that)
5) ciara ( get up, or thats right)
and mannnyyy many more... good luck choosig. I love all these songs

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hmmm, walk it out can be done real good in a contest
etc, if you like fergie try glamorous that might be
a little to soft though, bow wow out of my system ,
unk walk it out, r kelly im a flirt , neyo because
of you, neyo sexy love, pussycat dolls wait a
minute, those are sum fresh songs that can really be
danced 2, ive sen em all performed.
I looked em up and found which 1s had nice beets and
what not,

good luck - Luis -

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get me bodied-beyonce knowles
lose control-missy elliot
shake yo pom pom-missy elliot
she got a donk-soulja boy
feedback-janet jackson
ching a ling-missy elliot
turf drop-E40
walk it out-UNK
sexhibition-janet jackson
lean wit it rock wit it-Dem Franchise boys
touch it-busta rhymez
runaway luv-ludacris ft.mary j. blidge

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Uhm, I would probably say a GOD song to BOOTY dancee to would havee to be;
Boom boom pow.
Make the trap say.

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Low-flo rida
Lovegame-Lady gaga Its not hip hop, but its great for a dance.

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go hard or go home by E-40 thats a very good 1 I learned to crunk by that song

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I really like the song kiss me thru the phone by soulja boy

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drop by ying yang twins.
ying yang twins ft. lil jon -salt shaker

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Let it bump -MIssy Elliot
Lose control-Missy elliot
This is how we do it-Montell Jordan
The way I are-Timbaland

There are others but they have been named.. Don't do Crank That because it is a stupid song that isn't really hip hop , same with 50 Cent. Pick songs by Kanye West, Timbaland, Ying Yang Twins, Ludacris is ok.
I wouldn't pic songs to only be a grinding song that is dumb

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Tell Me When To Go by E-40 is always good... so is Get Naked You Beezy by The Federation. those songs are like hyphy songs but they have good beats

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depending on what hip-hop your doing. if you into the whole gangster and wanna show off, try that song bounce from the step up 2 movie. its awsome lol

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crank that soulja boy
low flow rida
what is it baby bash and sean kingston
no one alicia keys

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I think that " Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas, "Closer" by any-Yo, "Fire Man" by Lil-Wayne, "Low" by Flo-Rida, or "Im In Miami Trick" by LMFAO. Those are just some of my favourites. Hope that that these songs are good for u!!! :)

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I personally think rap or hip-hop songs have no place in society. I think that kind of music is insulting, rude, and inappropriate. I do not know why you would want that particular genre for a dance.

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soulja boy-get silly, crank that soulja boy, crank that batman. Unk-walk it out, 2 step. Huey-pop lock and drop it. Camp 22-crank that yank. Hope this helpz.

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soulja boy: she had a donk,
get silly,crank that.

crank that yank,shawty get loose,

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-Low by Flo Rida and T-Pain is a must
-Crank That Soulja Boy by Soulja Boy cause people like to do the dance
-Wall to Wall - Chris Brown
-Walk it Out, Bring it Back, and 2 Step by DJ Unk are some personal favorites of mine (the remixes are way tight too) They'll love those.
-Disco Inferno by 50 Cent
-Dem Jeans by Chingy might work
-Another good grinding song (besides Flo Rida's Low) is not really known to a lot of people. I don't know where you are but it's from the Bay Area. It's called Bring it Back by Traxamillion. But only play it if people are grindin
-Hood Figgas if you want it edited by Gorilla Zoe is good for grindin which will happen if it's a good party haha.
-If you want all the guys to get krunk all of a sudden play Let's Go by Trick Daddy. It's a tight remix type deal to Crazy Train by Ozzy.
-If you want the hispanic (girls) to start gettin low play either Lengua Afuera or Go Girl by Pitbull. Don't play it if you don't want them to start puttin a show on in the middle of the dance floor if you know what I mean, just a disclaimer; they love their reggaetone :)
-The Whisper Song by the Ying Yang Twins is something you could try. Be careful though, people might start doin the nasty nasty right there on the spot..(also a grinding song)
-Can You Work With That by DJ Quik would be a good one for the guys (if any of em can do more than just throwin up gang signs) to have a dance off and show off their sweet moves. You'll find out who the posers are and who can really dance.
-Pop Lock and Drop It by Huey is one you can't miss. You can also spice things up and play the remix (the one with Bow Wow and T-Pain) the kids will love that, it's way tight.

These are just the ones that come to mind, I hope they help. Good luck with the party bro.

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welcome to the space jam by quand city d'js is a good dancing song.
and so it music makes you loose control by missy elliot I used that when I done my street dancing on britains got talent :)

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Timberland-now drop
missy elliot-loose control
jock jams-everybody dance now
mint royale-singing in the rain(urban remix)

youngbloodz-Ima shine
Timberland feat fatman scoop-Now drop
swizzbeats-Money in da bank
Fatman scoop feat fabulous-So exited (rap remix)

honestly class believe me!
hope this helped xx

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Most UNK tunes and Petey Pablo they're good with dances..use them all the time when we compete... but dont limit your mind...try researching artists and then checking out there beats...or preferably you could go to an older person and ask them to get you a remix from your local dance club... they ussualli rock...and oh yh try watching dance videos and then pick onw song they dance to and look it up end the end of the movie after the cast and stuff..thats how I get all the names of my dance songs... hope I've helped dude...*_*

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with you by chris brown
wall to wall by chris brown
buy you a drank by t-pain
get it shawty by Lloyd
kiss kiss by chris brown
and lost without you by

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Joe Budden-Pump It Up
Fat Man Scoop ft. Timbaland-Now Drop
Ciara-That's Right
Ms.Jade-Feel The Girl

TrUsT Me!!!

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I do not tend to listen much to R&B.
But I will gladly get back to you with further information on this.

I am consulting a good friend of mine on here, he listens to R&B more than be I believe, and may be able to assist you alittle better okay? :-)

So keep checking every now & then, We'll e-mail you once we determine a good few songs for you okay? :-)

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Lol if you wanna do a dance worth watchin you gotta have a great song and id go for sumthin more like Lady Gaga STARSTRUCK

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My Love- Usher
Yeah- Usher
Forever- Chris Brown
Outta Control remix- 50ct ft Mob deep
Where my people at- Nelly ft Fergie
Lets Go- Trick Daddy
Bartender- Tpain
Because of You- Neyo
Wouldn't Get Far- Kanye West and Game
Southside- Game ft Lil Scrappy
Summer Love- Justin Timberlake
Make Love in This club- Usher ft Young Jeezy
I got it From my mama- Will.I.AM
Come To Me- Pdiddy ft Nicole
Why We Thugs- Ice Cube
Cut It Out- Young Bloodz ft Pimp C and Sean P
Here Comes The Boom- Nelly
How We Do- Game ft 50ct
Lets Ride- Game
Get Low- Lil Jon eastside boys
BellyDancer- Akon
Ignition remix- are Kelly
Don't Matter- Akon
Break It Up- Sean Paul ft Rhianna
So Lonely- Mariah Carey and Twista
Cyclone- Baby Bash ft Tpain
Lean Back- Terror Squad

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First I want to say thank you for all your help... I needed a song for a school talent show so it had to appropite. Thanks to ohhsocute, you helped me find the perfect song that my group and I can dance to. we are planing to practice right away!! thanks for all your help and I will be back for more questons. But for everyone else, you all had great songs but it wasn't that right one if you know what I mean. hahaha. Damaged has a great beat and good word choices. ha.

thanks again, talentshowtrouble

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