What's Dallas really like?

Is it a good place to live for young people? Because from what I’ve heard it sounds boring and like theres not much to do over there. But it looks SO nice and I really want to move there. Righ now I live in London so it’ would be a huge change for me. So if anyone can answer it would be really helpful. Where are the best places to live? What fun things are there to do? What’re the temperatures? Is it boring? Mainly looking for people who are actually from Dallas, but any help will be great!

Answer #1

she’s actually quite nice :) i met her on adventure camp :) she is friends with Brenton!!

Answer #2

I think she’s referring to the city…

Answer #3

I don’t actually live in Dallas, but I found a little something: http://funadvice.com/r/bfgk8fm5t4u

Answer #4

The roughest thing about the Dallas area are the harsh Summers. Lots of days go above 100F/38C.

Like any city there are cool areas and dreary areas. Dallas in general isn’t the most exciting city but Deep Ellum is probably the most bohemian and fun area in Dallas. It used to be a warehouse district but now it is mainly arts and entertainment. Deep Ellum is a nice place to live but options are rather limited, more people live nearby and go there for fun.

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