Dads being paranoid

Alright…I have a guy friend (JUST A FRIEND!) And my dads worried…he won’t let me go anywhere with him alone…we always have to be supervised! I’ve known him for awhile and I know that no matter what we could never be anymore then friends it’d just be weird..but my dads still paranoid…even if we just go out to feed the horses or something we have to have someone there with us…whats a good way to talk to my dad and explain the situation to him???

Answer #1

Lol thxs but thats not gonna work seen as we hang out at my house… and having sex with him would be beyonde weird! hes like a brother >.>

Answer #2

im not going to lie im a guy and if you was my girl id say lie to your dad your not always going to b lil but dont do stupid stuff if you have sex wear a condom

Answer #3

dads will always be the same paraniod, jelouse types. they just care a lot for you. he still sees you like his little girl, and nothing could ever change that. im sure when your married and have kids he will still be the same…you know how in the tv sitcoms you ussually hear thea dad telling a daughter

“You cant have a boyfriend, until your married” …

thats exactly it…they just care a lot. let him be im sure he will find the right time and moment to let you blossom, into the beautiful flower you will become.

Answer #4

All dads are parinod about the safety of the children especially daughters. But it doesn’t give your dad the right to assume. You should talk to your dad and say that you and your friend are just friends and that he needs to trust u. And tell him that part of growing up is letting your child free and make her own desistion. If that doesn’t work tell him what you told us. Best of luck

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