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Is my dad obsessed with his truck?

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My dad is cool and everything but when it comes to his truck its....:/ It's a Ford F150 something and he has had it for 4 years, and it still smells like new car, like he JUST got it. Whenever he gets food from a fast food resturaunt or leftovers, he puts them in the truck bed so it doesn't make his truck smell. My mom can't wear too much perfume nor I body spray. If our heads are damp (showers) we have to lean forward so his seats don't get wet. We can't eat in his truck, but we can have drinks. We go to Wawa alot and I always get a milkshake and I'll put it in a cup holder (it has hinges so it expands to the cup size) and he will yell at me saying that its not the right cup and it will break when it fits just fine. Is he obsessed or.....