what are some cute designs to draw on your fingernails with one of those nail art pens?

Answer #1

flowers, ladybugs, swirls, poka-dots, hearts, ect. (:

Answer #2

anything you want, polkadots, spiderwebs. ladybugs, little tribal patterns, stripes, zig zags, smiley faces, hearts, stars, small blocks of difefernt colours like on a rubix cube, ect. theres TONS of things you could try!

Answer #3

Flower Stars Polka dots Dice Yin/Yang Palm Tree Hearts

Answer #4

zebra spider webs lightning bolts leopard print flowers abstract patterns checkered french tip any holiday design for that month the possibilities are pretty much endless

Answer #5

I love the polka dots! I only have a white “pen” but they’re still cute…. I think I’m going to do stripes… maybe(:

Answer #6

how would you do the zebra??!?!

Answer #7

There is lots of great easy designs you could do! flowers, smily faces, peace symbol, runes, stars, moons, butterfiles, hearts, short words, seasonal things (like snowmen, holly, Xmas trees), flames, skulls, letters, shapes, rainbow etc. etc. Have fun!

Answer #8

clovers hearts stars moon music notes British flag sunflower poker cards

Answer #9

You could paint your nails white (or any other color you want) and use a black nail pen to create the stripes. That is one of my favorite designs <3

Answer #10

Dots, swirlies, :) faces, hearts, lines,

Answer #11

Watermelon :)

Answer #12

I have seen it in my friends nails and leopard, ladybugs will look really great. But, personally i don’t like things like this

Answer #13

I like the british flag desgin! Clever!

Answer #14

Paint your whole nails pink, use white for the manicure tip, and add cute flowers using dots. Paint your whole nails a goldern brown color, squiggle yellow nail paint in a cheetah pattern and outline them in black. Paint your whole nails yellow and do two tiny red balls for the cherry and using green, do the leaves for the stems. Paint your nails clear, for the maincure tip, do any color diagonally and use black on top of that color to do lines vertically and horizontally overlapping. Paint your nails red and with the black, paint on special chinese symbols on the center tip. For a nice winter look, paint your whole nails baby blue and with white, do some snowflake designs using dots. Paint your whole nails pink and use a tiny white strip along the tip of your nails, than using a red, draw the butterfly’s body, with black, the antenna, on one side of the nails, on the other side of the nails, do three white dots in a curved line. Using black, dot on two dots near the cuticles as though those were eyes and than draw a head over it in black and than draw a tiny bow on the left side of the head and than using white, paint in the bow, than using purple, paint the rest of the nail avoiding the face that you now made, than do tiny babyblue dots. You can even do rainbows, or tiger prints, or stars, or flames, or snowmans, or ducks, or city buildings, the simpsons, different smileys, a strawberry- paint your whole nails red, use green strokes along the tip for the grass, than use black or orange for the dots on the ‘strawberry’. You can also do a Kiwi. Paint your whole nails lime green, get white for the middle of the kiwi, than black to put on the edge of the white. Music notes on your nails.. Paint your whole nails white and than at the tip, draw the music lines and than do notes on the lines :) Hope this helps! I inpire myself by TV shows, movies, fruits, cute little things, flowers… :) Goodluck!

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